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Washington Glacier Ski Project

The Goal

To ski up, down and/or across every named glacier in Washington State. 

How many glaciers are there?

This isn't an easy question to answer. The sad fact is that each year there are less. From maps and guidebooks, etc., I've come up with 255 unofficially and officially named glaciers, including those that recently become extinct. 

How long will you take? 

It's a culmination of a lifetime of adventures in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. So far I've dedicated 5 years toward the project since conception, but retroactively I've included glaciers I visited on past adventures. Time wise, all told, I expect the project to take 25 years to finish. The remaining 50+ glaciers should be finished in 2-3 more years. 

The Environment 

A lifetime in the Cascade Mountains has shown me that the mountains I remember as a kid are changing. I want to catalog that change. I want to experience and photograph  these glaciers before they are gone, and share my stories as a sort of time capsule for the way things were.

To support, press contact above or write Jason Hummel at alpinestateofmind@gmail.com

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