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Washington Glacier Ski Project

The Goal

To ski all the named glaciers in Washington State. 


Over the next several years I will methodically visit and ski up, down and/or across every named glacier in Washington from the volcanoes, the Olympics and throughout the North Cascades. 

How many glaciers are there?

This isn't an easy question to answer. The sad fact is that each year there are less. Right now, in August 2015, there are 212 named glaciers.

In the past 15 years, I've managed to visit half of them without this goal in mind, but on my way to the others I've missed, I will be crossing over most of them again in the course of completing this project. 

How long will you take? 

The Washington Glacier Ski Project is a multi-year endeavor. It will require thousands of miles of travel through Washington State's most remote corners. Think bushwhacking, fording rivers, winding through old growth forests, leaping over yawning crevasses, skiing down beautiful and pristine peaks in the middle of nowhere. Many of these glaciers have seen few to no skiers. My hope is that friends and friends of friends will join me on one adventure or another over the coming years. 

The Environment 

What nature gifts any adventurer is a closer tie to the land we travel through. It's moods and changes are tangible. A lifetime in the Cascade Mountains has shown me that the mountains I remember as a kid are changing. I want to catalog that change. I want to see these glaciers before they are gone. I want to photograph them.

Throughout I hope to share the experiences. I hope to inspire others to be aware of the environment around them and how they impact it. 

How Can You Support the Project

Supporting this project, while a purely personal goal, will fulfill a tangible goal that goes beyond just me. I'll be able to photograph and catalog every glacier in Washington. I'll write and film my adventures for others to see the changes with their own eyes. I'll be able to compare past photography to current conditions. Moreover my imagery will stand as a reminder of the way these places looked. At the current pace, many of these glaciers will be gone forever. A mountain without a glacier is less of a mountain in my opinion. 

To support, press contact above or write Jason Hummel at alpinestateofmind@gmail.com

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